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Case Study

How E-Learning Company Used BitWide's Lead Generation Process To Get More Deals​


Our client, an e-learning company based in California, has been around for three years. They have been seeing positive results and a great interest in their product constantly. Recently, they came to the conclusion that they would like to scale faster but did not have the capacity to handle the entire sales process. So they were on the lookout for a company they can outsource a part of that process. That’s how we met this company’s CEO.

Early conversations:

After a few meetings with the client, we signed the contract and were ready to work on their campaign. This client is a B2C company. We found that the most optimal target for them would be very tech-savvy young professionals residing in the USA.

So we created the messaging that would be attractive for those who are tech-friendly, pretty laid-back, and open to learning new things and exploring new horizons. Also, this client’s campaign is a bit more complex than other clients’ ones, since they would like us to create a few “branches” a conversation might turn to.

Response And Successes

First 6 months (Total)

Months 7-12 (ongoing):

targeted prospects
acceptance rate
conversations (digital)


From day one, the client has been very responsive and engaged with prospects. The way they communicate with prospects who have been engaged by BitWide is very natural and friendly,  which always helps when trying to acquire new customers as a B2C. They have recently poached a couple of clients from the biggest company. 

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