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Learn how different companies used bitwide's lead generation process to get more deals

IT Services Provider

Our client, an IT Services provider located in the North West US was well established in providing technical support for smaller local businesses. Their history included mostly in-person technical support activities. With Covid-19 visiting client sites became more restricted forcing remote support. When one door closes another door opens. With a market both requiring remote support and being more open to having video conferences and remote assistance, an opportunity arose to expand services nationwide.

Fractional CFO services

Our client, a B.C., Canada based accounting firm that offers fractional CFO services to clients across the country, consists of a small team of accountants. The team is socially comfortable but sales is not the strength of the company. As with many tech companies, the team is technically strong but when we contacted them about our outsourced sales service they immediately appreciated the synergy considering they provide a similarly structured accounting service. Money conscious, our services were more affordable than hiring an employee to do the work for them.

HR Technology Solutions

One of our clients, an Ontario based company providing HR technology solutions, just started hitting the market last year. Their team is quite small (three people), and while they are all heads down with ongoing inquiries from customers, we take over the most time consuming part of the sales process - lead generation and LinkedIn conservation management.

E-Learning Company

Our client, an e-learning company based in California, has been around for three years. They have been seeing positive results and a great interest in their product constantly. Recently, they came to the conclusion that they would like to scale faster but did not have the capacity to handle the entire sales process. So they were on the lookout for a company they can outsource a part of that process. That's how we met this company’s CEO.

Cybersecurity Firm

Our client, a boutique cybersecurity firm from Massachusetts, is managed by two Leaders. They started out shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic began, and it definitely slowed their ability to scale relative to pre-pandemic expectations. As with most organizations the company is looking to create a robust client pool. They only require two new clients in two months. They are amazing at providing security services, but communication and lead gen are not exactly their strong suit. So the client wanted to outsource that process.

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