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Our History

The BitWide founders have been providing customized growth solutions to Canadian companies since 1987.

We started as Head Hunters; Not real Head Hunters since that would be cruel but the ones that work with companies to convince talent to move from one company to another.

While working with companies that were either our clients or prospective clients, we found a consistent problem that almost all of these organizations had. Recruitment needs were predicated on sales. Sales, from strategy through to execution, was a real problem.


We started building and executing custom growth solutions for our partners based on their growth objectives. We define funnel strategies, communications, and maybe most importantly doing the grunt work on implementing the plan (heck we are salespeople so we gotta sell). 


An excellent idea doesn’t matter if not executed, so we started excelling at that too. The bottom line? We are not “In-the-box” thinkers because we feel you don’t have “In-the-box” needs. However, once we get those needs nailed down – lookout.

Shawn Baldwin

No Company is too small

Our Calgary based team that would be supporting you has supported clients across Canada for employers as small as 1 CEO running everything to hundreds of employees. From start-up to scale-up.


Currently, we support a number of verticals that are technologically advanced, a range of sizes but mostly SMB’s, and are focused on growth. We feel our specialty aligns very well with your company’s objectives regardless of the arena you play in.

Combining tactics

BitWide prides itself on our ability to combine proven old-school tactics with new-age digital targeted sales effectively.

The team

Our leadership team that will be guiding your success has over 50 years of experience finding the sales you need almost anywhere in the World. We sell during business hours but are available to you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

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The Faces Behind our Success

Shawn Baldwin

Chief Executive Officer

Norman Poon

Chief Customer Officer

Liubov Zhilina

Client Services Manager

Stephanie Dsouza

Communications Manager

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